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Drug Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Dallas, from drug trafficking to possession, contact the skilled criminal defense attorneys at MC Criminal Law to see how they can guide you toward a favorable resolution.


Domestic Violence

Charges of domestic violence can tear a family apart. These accusations are very serious, with repercussions that affect your future and the future of your loved ones. Call MC Criminal Law today for a consultation.


Alcohol-Related Crimes

Whether it’s a DWI or a manslaughter charge, alcohol-related crimes mean big money for municipalities. Sometimes arrests are made too quickly; legal counsel from experienced criminal defense lawyers can help.


Extensive Experience

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Madson and Castello have tried more than 300 cases to a jury, from drug and domestic violence cases to capital murder and sex crimes.

Client Testimonial

“You can't find a better attorney in matters of domestic violence. Kendall's years of experience give him deep understanding of the issues and process in Dallas County."

– Jennifer H.

Quote from Texas Lawyer

“Justice is only just when it is given to everyone. Our juries know that in their hearts ... I truly believe in our system and its capacity to get better with time, effort, and constant reflection."

– Messina Madson

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Messina Madson and Kendall Castello understand that one mistake shouldn't jeopardize your future. That's why they are outspoken and public advocates in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas in Texas.

News article

In the Dallas Morning News, Messina Madson cast a vision for the future of criminal justice — alternatives to jail for nonviolent offenders. “In many cases, prosecution is not the best solution.”

Kendall Castello Interview Picture

Kendall Castello said the speed and magnitude of indictments against former police officer Roy Oliver shows the Dallas DA’s high priority for the Jordan Edwards’ murder case.


A Q&A in Texas Lawyer features Messina on issues in officer-involved shootings. She believes that "we are seeing reform...District attorneys are campaigning on criminal justice reform platforms."


A criminal conviction can have a large impact on your future;


A criminal conviction can be devastating to you and your family. Securing a job, taking out a loan for a home, providing for the ones you love: these things could be in jeopardy. A team of seasoned criminal defense attorneys can limit or even eliminate these consequences. The sooner you reach out, the sooner MC Criminal Law can help.


After distinguished careers at the Dallas DA’s Office, Messina and Kendall have both proven themselves as defense attorneys. Their results speak for themselves.


MC Criminal Law was able to get the client into a diversion program. After successful completion, the client's case will be removed from all databases, both public and law enforcement.



In this possession of marijuana case, MC Criminal Law obtained a memo agreement and filed paperwork for high school-aged client to have all record of the arrest removed prior to college.



While on probation, the client was charged with another offense with a punishment range of 15 years-life. MC Criminal Law pled the case to a lesser-included charge for seven years.


Criminal charges are serious. Experienced representation is essential.

"The earlier we get involved, the better." – Kendall Castello

When accused of a crime, you can feel like your life is going off the rails. Suddenly, your freedom, your finances, your future, and even your family all feel threatened and out of your control. As soon as you face a criminal charge, you have major decisions to make: criminal defense lawyers Messina Madson and Kendall Castello get that. They'll listen intently to your situation and concerns, and create a defense strategy that suits your best interests.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

The criminal defense team at MC Criminal Law understands that every client is different, with unique circumstances that contribute to their stories. Has addiction, anger, a mental health issue, or another disability or disease contributed to your arrest? Addressing underlying causes before facing a judge or jury often can work to your advantage and help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

Let an Attorney Navigate the System

When you consult a criminal defense attorney, you begin to limit the consequences of your arrest. The earlier the team at MC Criminal Law gets involved and begins to navigate the legal system for you, the better off you will be. As defense attorneys, they will sit down with you, guide you through the legal system, and formulate a personalized plan.

The Earlier You Call, The More They Can Help

When you are wrongly accused, ordering records is often the best way to prove innocence. We can assist you in this process, but you must move quickly. For example, 911 tapes in Dallas are available for only 30 days. If you live in Dallas, Texas, or its surrounding areas of Fort Worth, Denton, or McKinney, call MC Criminal Law right away.


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It is hard to overestimate the importance of your first few decisions. You received a call from a law enforcement officer and it quickly becomes obvious that you are the person being investigated for a while collar crime in north Texas. Should you talk to the officer or get off the phone? The officer tells you that this is your one opportunity to set the record straight or invites you to come in for an interview. What you need right now is not to set the record straight. What you need is an experienced attorney that you trust beside you. Even if you are completely innocent of any wrongdoing, there is a lot on the line.

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