Criminal Law 101

When you’ve come into contact with law enforcement, you need help. We’re here to tell you: Find a criminal defense attorney immediately. That’s the most critical first step, and the earlier, the better. But how do you find the best attorney for you? What’s the first step? If you don’t know where to start, or if you’re not in the North Texas area, this blog can help. Discover for yourself what a trusted criminal attorney sounds like, and make your first moves toward protecting yourself.

woman pulling back the a curtain to look outa window

If you’ve been arrested for a non-violent criminal offense, you can start fresh with a pretrial diversion program. Pursuing admittance to a diversion program can lead to a dismissed case, a cleared record, and healthy, new habits to help you avoid future criminal behavior.

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frustrated couple argues on couch

In a year of unprecedented stressors, couples are among those feeling the effects. The number of family violence allegations and arrests have skyrocketed, and they often result in extreme consequences. If conflict between you and your partner has become heated, we urge you to get help now.

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The DWI charge plays no favorites. Many people facing a DWI are in the depths of addiction. Other people made a really bad decision one night, and they are completely taken aback by how COSTLY it is. Why? Because it’s meant to be.

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