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DWI – Case Not Filed By Police Department

This client was pulled over after an altercation with another driver. Police investigated and arrested the client for DWI. The government lacked sufficient evidence that the client was intoxicated. The case was never filed by the police department.

DWI – Case Reduced to Obstruction of a Highway

This client was arrested for DWI, and test results came back showing both alcohol and methamphetamine in the client’s system. Based on low alcohol test results and showing that methamphetamine found in system could have been inactive at the time of driving, the DA’s office agreed to offer an obstruction of a highway.

DWI – Case Reduced to Obstruction of a Highway

This client was arrested for DWI. Blood test results showed both alcohol and marijuana in his system. We demonstrated that blood results conflicted with the officer’s findings at the scene and showed that the alcohol result would have been very near the legal limit when the defendant was driving. The DA’s office offered an obstruction of a highway instead of the DWI charge.

DWI – Time served despite scientific findings showing a blood alcohol content of above 0.15

This client was charged with a DWI, showing blood alcohol content of greater than 0.15. We got the case reduced to a class B misdemeanor DWI with time served. This result prevented our client from having to serve additional jail time or up to two years of probation.

Felony DWI 3rd – Case Reduced to Misdemeanor DWI

This client was arrested for a DWI for the third time. Scientific blood results showed that our client’s alcohol level was above the legal limit. We were able to negotiate a settlement that allowed our client to plea to a misdemeanor DWI charge, avoiding a felony conviction.

Felony DWI 3rd – Probation Possession of a Controlled Substance – Dismissed

This client was struggling with addiction issues. We were able to get him out of jail and into a rehabilitation program where we tracked progress to later apply to probation requirements. We obtained a probation on the DWI charge and a dismissal on the possession charge. We continue to work with this client to adjust the requirements on his probation and support him in his employment and recovery journey.

Minor in Possession – Case Dismissed and Expunged

Client was driving a car with multiple teenage occupants. A bottle of alcohol was found in the vehicle that the client said was left in the car a few days earlier by his parents. Although technically in possession of the alcohol, we were able to negotiate a dismissal allowing for an immediate expunction of the charge.

Public Intoxication – Case Dismissed and Expunged

Client was found in his car parked in a parking lot. When officers contacted him, he threw up and was charged with public intoxication. We were able to demonstrate that police officers failed to take the necessary steps to show that his sickness was caused by intoxication and not another issue. Case was eventually dismissed and immediately expunged.

Minor in Possession – Case Dismissed

This client was cited with other teenagers at an outdoor party for having alcohol. The officer had photos of the client with a bottle in her hands and client admitted to having the alcohol. We were able to negotiate a dismissal of the charge and the case is eligible for expunction.


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