Highly Recommend

I highly recommend the Madson Castello Law Firm to anyone needing representation and guidance for any criminal matter they may have.


One Step Ahead of Everyone Else

When I first learned I needed a defense lawyer for some very serious charges I was lost and scared, and feared the worst. I saw my life spinning out of control with the possibility of losing everything and even jail. I had never needed a lawyer and didn’t know who to turn to. Kendall Castello came highly recommended, and upon our first meeting I hired him immediately. Quickly upon retaining Kendall he recognized and explained my options, and gave sage advice to help me navigate these treacherous waters. He coached me every step of the way and made all the right moves and recommendations. Moreover, Kendall’s experience and lauded reputation with the District Attorney’s office proved pivotal in my defense as we always seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else. In the end, all charges were dismissed and restrictions were lifted. Kendall is 100% to thank for all this; he not only saved my career, he saved my life. I have never met a better lawyer, or better man…he is honest, ethical, judicious, and his integrity is above reproach. It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial on his behalf…I truly owe him everything I have.


The Right Lawyer

Right from the beginning I knew I was with the right lawyer.


So Compassionate and Kind

I can't recommend Madson Castello highly enough! At a dark time in my life I ended up with a DUI. Terrified and panic stricken I entered a relationship with this firm. I worked closely with Kendall Castello who helped me every inch of the way.  My calls were always answered promptly and the whole situation was dealt with expeditiously. I have never encountered lawyers that are so compassionate and kind. They are always rooting for their client's success, not only in the courtroom but in life. My gracious thanks to the law firm of Madson Castello for helping me through that difficult time. 


My Life Is Back on Track

I believed my assault case would be a simple issue for any attorney. I found a lawyer quickly and hired her. After over a year of no progress with my case and thousands of dollars wasted, I was put in contact with Kendall Castello by a family friend. After leaving his office the first time I had a renewed hope. In less than six months Kendall was able to get the case dismissed and, soon after, expunge the charges from my record. I am able to live life today without a record that would have devastated my career. I am beyond thankful. My life is back on track. I'm sober, recently married, and have returned to school all with a baby boy on the way. I feel that Kendall's services helped me break a cycle of depression and hopelessness.

-Marshall S.

An Extraordinary Attorney

Kendall is an extraordinary attorney with great legal knowledge, experience, common sense and judgement. The quality of Kendall’s character is equally outstanding. He deeply cares about his clients and doing the very best for them. Kendall was an invaluable counsel and resource in in our difficult domestic child abuse case. I am honored to know Kendall and highly recommend him in any domestic violence / abuse situation.