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“One step ahead of everyone else”

When I first learned I needed a defense lawyer for some very serious charges I was lost and scared, and feared the worst. I saw my life spinning out of control with the possibility of losing everything and even jail. I had never needed a lawyer and didn’t know who to turn to. Kendall Castello came highly recommended, and upon our first meeting I hired him immediately. Quickly upon retaining Kendall he recognized and explained my options, and gave sage advice to help me navigate these treacherous waters. He coached me every step of the way and made all the right moves and recommendations. Moreover, Kendall’s experience and lauded reputation with the District Attorney’s office proved pivotal in my defense as we always seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else. In the end, all charges were dismissed and restrictions were lifted. Kendall is 100% to thank for all this; he not only saved my career, he saved my life. I have never met a better lawyer, or better man…he is honest, ethical, judicious, and his integrity is above reproach. It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial on his behalf…I truly owe him everything I have.


“Up front and honest”

Messina Madson is the greatest!! She not only knows the law in and out, but truly cares for her clients. Messina was up front and honest about everything happening throughout my case. I spoke to Messina for the first time while I was in jail and thought I had zero chance of getting out on bond, but she had me out the next morning!! She then had my plea deal exceed my expectations and saved me from jail time. She continues to see how I’m doing and helps me with questions about my probation. EVERYTHING she says will happen HAPPENS!! I recommend everyone use Messina Madson. She treats you like a person and not just a case. Thank you for everything!!!


“So compassionate and kind”

I can't recommend Madson Castello highly enough! At a dark time in my life I ended up with a DUI. Terrified and panic stricken I entered a relationship with this firm. I worked closely with Kendall Castello who helped me every inch of the way. My calls were always answered promptly and the whole situation was dealt with expeditiously. I have never encountered lawyers that are so compassionate and kind. They are always rooting for their client's success, not only in the courtroom but in life. My gracious thanks to the law firm of Madson Castello for helping me through that difficult time.


“She actually cared”

Messina Madson represented me in court during a time in which I was facing a very serious charge. There is no way I could ever say enough positive things about her as an attorney, from her intense preparation to her bulldog mentality in the courtroom and just her amazing skill in her profession. But the thing that really stood out to me was how she actually cared about how my family and I were doing throughout the whole process. She walked us through, step by step, how things would go and what to expect next. She was there by our side during the most terrifying part of our lives, and I could never thank her enough.


“My life is back on track”

I believed my assault case would be a simple issue for any attorney. I found a lawyer quickly and hired her. After over a year of no progress with my case and thousands of dollars wasted, I was put in contact with Kendall Castello by a family friend. After leaving his office the first time I had a renewed hope. In less than six months Kendall was able to get the case dismissed and, soon after, expunge the charges from my record. I am able to live life today without a record that would have devastated my career. I am beyond thankful. My life is back on track. I'm sober, recently married, and have returned to school all with a baby boy on the way. I feel that Kendall's services helped me break a cycle of depression and hopelessness.

-Marshall S.

“The plea deal offered was cut in half!”

My loved one had a very serious charge, and I wanted to do everything I could to make sure he got the best outcome possible. After almost a year, the plea deal stayed the same, and I was frustrated. Also getting his bond reduced was denied over and over. Someone I work with told me to call Messina Madson and hire her. So I did just that. She was quickly able to get the bond reduced, and I was able to bring him home until his court date. The plea deal that didn’t budge for a whole year? She negotiated with the DA, and the plea deal offered was cut in half!!! She always asked me how I was doing, and when I wasn’t doing well, she would tell me to breathe. Now that my loved one is serving his time, I tell myself to breathe on a daily basis. It’s nice to have an attorney that actually cares about how you are doing. Messina Madson came highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend her as well


“An extraordinary attorney”

Kendall is an extraordinary attorney with great legal knowledge, experience, common sense and judgement. The quality of Kendall’s character is equally outstanding. He deeply cares about his clients and doing the very best for them. Kendall was an invaluable counsel and resource in in our difficult domestic child abuse case. I am honored to know Kendall and highly recommend him in any domestic violence / abuse situation.


"Hiring Madson Castello is the best choice you could make."

I never anticipated needing a criminal defense attorney. When I did, I wanted the best possible person defending me. I found that person in Messina Madson. The resolution she negotiated for my case was absolutely the best deal I could have possibly received. While facing the possibility of life altering consequences Messina helped me navigate the most difficult time of my life with grace and dignity. While her professionalism and legal acumen might have been the deciding factors in my legal outcome, equally important to me was her humanity and compassion. The result Messina achieved for me of pleading to a lesser charge, probation instead of prison time, and not registering as a sex offender I considered an unachievable best case scenario before I hired her. It was the best decision I could have made and I would not hesitate to do it again.


“They truly were a blessing”

I had a situation that I thought I couldn't get out of I had a court appointed lawyer that wasn't helping me at all but, then I looked up ((Madson Castello Law Firm)...and they truly were a blessing.. They really care about their client's believe me the whole entire staff was amazing from Ms Liz on down to Mr Kendall and Ms Messina ..I can't think them enough they made me feel like I was apart of their family ... If you need any kind of help with your situation please contact. MADSON CASTELLO LAW FIRM...


"Has the client’s welfare as the ultimate goal"

While Kendall’s profession is that of a lawyer, he approaches his cases as being a part of your family. His goal is to understand the facts, communicate with his clients the best path forward, and to walk with you along the journey to secure the best outcome for you. Not only that, he, like a family member, is always available for a call, a chat, or just to lend some sage advice. It’s rare to find a person in Kendall’s profession who truly has the client’s welfare as the ultimate goal. When you bring on Kendall, you bring on a family member.



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