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A criminal accusation or conviction can result in devastating losses, including your freedom, your constitutionally protected rights, a job, and a good reputation, often leaving a permanent blemish on your criminal record. A good attorney can limit or eliminate these consequences, but the sooner you get one involved, the better off your case will be. Here’s how to find the right legal help.

Look for A Dedicated Criminal Practice

Find an attorney that specializes in criminal law. We understand how to navigate the courts, judges, prosecutors, and special programs—expertise you want on your side.

Messina Madson and Kendall Castello have over 30 combined years of criminal experience. They worked at the highest levels of the Dallas District Attorney’s Office and now defend clients facing criminal cases.

Look for Trial Experience

Most criminal cases never go to trial. A good attorney often resolves a case before it gets filed, indicted, or set for trial. However, there is no replacement for knowing how to try a case and having a reputation for doing so effectively.

Messina Madson and Kendall Castello have tried more than 300 cases to a jury with outstanding results. In a high profile case in 2020, Messina represented a former Dallas police officer who was found not guilty after being indicted on a fatal shooting. This level of trial expertise earns the respect of both prosecutors and judges alike.

Look for Highly Personalized Service

Many criminal practices are built on volume. In order to be successful, the attorney must sign up and resolve many cases each month, allowing little time for individual attention. 

We take a different approach. As a premier criminal defense boutique, we help fewer clients and deliver exceptional results. If that sounds like what you are looking for, we are an ideal firm.

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