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Messina Madson & Kendall Castello, MC Criminal Law Feb. 15, 2017

When accused of a crime, you can feel like your life is going off the rails. Suddenly, your freedom, your finances, your future, and even your family all feel threatened and out of your control. Here are some important things to consider in the face of a criminal charge:

1. When you consult an attorney, you begin to limit the consequences of your arrest.

The earlier we get involved, the better. As soon as you face a criminal charge, you have major decisions to make and a complex judicial process to navigate. As defense attorneys, our job is to sit down with you, guide you through the legal system, and formulate a plan that gets you back to your life with the tools to succeed.

2. When there’s a warrant out for your arrest, you’re usually better off turning yourself in.

It’s more difficult to arrange for bond in jail, and your attorney can leverage relationships with law enforcement to prearrange the circumstances of your arrest, negotiate your bond, and refer you to a reputable bonding company.

3. When you are wrongly accused, ordering records is often the best way to prove innocence.

We can assist you in this process, which requires the power of the courts; however, you must move quickly to acquire those records. For example, 911 tapes in Dallas are available for only 30 days, and some cell phone companies also keep records for only 30 days.

4. When you take responsibility for your actions, you help your case.

Has an addiction, an anger problem, a mental health issue, or another disability or disease contributed to your arrest? Address that underlying cause immediately. Dealing with behavioral issues before you face a judge or jury often can work to your advantage.

Your attorney will help with your other immediate needs and questions as well – such as how to relay facts to law enforcement in the most productive ways and how to develop your best legal strategy moving forward.

How you feel right now does not need to be the way you feel tomorrow. When you get help and take responsibility for your life, you can get back on track, one step at a time.


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