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MC Criminal Law Jan. 26, 2021

Do you have a criminal record inhibiting your opportunities to advance in your career? Go to school? Volunteer in your child’s school? Call us today to explore possibilities for a clear criminal record and a fresh start.

Your case could be eligible for expunction or non-disclosure, even if it was ineligible in the past. A law that took effect in September 2018 allows one-time, low-level convictions—such as DWIs—to be sealed or completely erased from a person’s record. HB 3016, or the “Second Chance Law,” is retroactive and applies to offenses that may have occurred many years ago.

This law is a significant move on behalf of Texans, but only valuable to those who know and understand the law. Clearing your record does not happen automatically. An attorney petitions the court to have convictions sealed, removing blemishes from otherwise clean criminal histories. When the court seals a conviction, the offense no longer shows up on a criminal background check and is not accessible to the public. If a charge was reduced or dismissed, the law may offer even better options for sealing or expunging the records. However, it can take up to nine months to complete the process. Call today to ask about the eligibility of your case. We won’t know what’s possible unless we look.

HB 3016 was sent to the House when Messina Madson was serving as Acting District Attorney in the Dallas DA’s Office. At that time Kendall Castello also was serving as Chief Administrative Attorney. As the highest-ranking prosecutors in the DA’s office, we supported the bill and followed its progress through the legislative session. Today our firm can help Texans interested in clearing their record by keeping you informed and offering ourselves as a resource. With more than 30 years of combined experience as prosecutors and defense attorneys, MC Criminal Law can help. Call us today.


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