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Messina Madson & Kendall Castello, MC Criminal Law March 11, 2021

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, it’s important to know your rights. The legal system is full of strict rules and procedures. And you will be much less vulnerable with an attorney you trust. Until then, here are some important reminders about your rights.


To remain silent

It is your right to inform the police or any other member of law enforcement that you want to contact an attorney before you answer ANY questions. In fact, ALWAYS speak to an attorney you trust before talking with police—over the phone or in person, no matter how informal the contact or question seems. When exercising this right, remember to treat members of law enforcement with respect.

To hire an attorney

This right exists at the ONSET of any incident and is VERY important. Do not speak to the police, give consent for any search, or provide any passwords without consulting criminal attorney you trust.

To ask the state for any evidence in the case

Before a case is filed, your attorney has the right to call detectives to ask for information. This can be a critical moment in your case when MC Criminal Law’s long-standing relationships in the criminal justice system often prove invaluable. If the case is filed with the District Attorney, we immediately request access to all evidence in the state’s possession. Then we move quickly to review the evidence and meet with you to go over it. We’ve found that this proactive approach helps mitigate negative outcomes. Knowledge is power, and we make sure our clients are informed when making decisions.

To plead “not guilty” and require the state to prove guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”

No attorney should tell you what will happen on a case before reviewing the evidence. Don’t settle for empty promises. Make sure your decisions are informed by ALL the available evidence and a discussion about the possible consequences attached to any decision. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and compassion; however, we must do our job and ALWAYS tell you the “good, bad, and the ugly.”

To be tried by a jury of your peers

For the best results, this critical right demands investigation, preparation, and strategy conducted by a seasoned attorney. A trial can be an unpredictable thing. Having litigated hundreds of cases, we know the importance of being proactive and one step ahead of the game. We always work for the best resolution, and if we get to a trial, we fight tooth and nail. We eat, sleep, and breathe those cases, knowing that our clients have placed their future in our hands.

Knowing your rights is the first critical step to your defense. But you also must hire an attorney you trust to help mitigate the effects of a criminal charge. Don’t underestimate an allegation of any kind; call MC Criminal Law today.


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