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Forgery of a Financial Instrument – Case Dismissed

This client was a female business owner accused of stealing from banks by forgery. We were able to demonstrate the client’s substantial efforts toward rehabilitation and provide restitution for losses. Case was dismissed.

Felony Theft Enhanced – Case Dismissed

This female client was accused of a series of retail thefts by fraud. We demonstrated the cases were not what they appeared and involved employee misconduct. Case was dismissed.

Felony Theft by Check Enhanced – Case Dismissed with Restitution

This client was a salesman whose ex-wife had emptied his account without his knowledge. He wrote multiple checks that bounced and this case ensued. The client had a record from many years before that made negotiations more difficult. The case was eventually dismissed with restitution.

Fraudulent Tampering with a Government Record – Case Dismissed

This client was accused of selling a car with a fake title. We were able to demonstrate that the client believed that the title was valid, and his employers were the ones committing fraud. Case was dismissed.

Unlawful Political Contribution – Case Rejected Without Indictment

A high-level executive at a major local company, this client was under investigation for an unlawful political contribution. The issue centered around whether a contribution to a political committee constituted a political contribution if the funds could be shown to have eventually landed in a specific political campaign. We were able to demonstrate that the funds could not be accurately tracked and that a contribution to a political committee could not be treated as a contribution to a specific political campaign. The case was eventually rejected without indictment nor presentation to a Grand Jury.

Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle – Case Dismissed

We used side-by-side imagery from the body camera and still photos to show the client was misidentified. Case was dismissed.

Unlawful Use of Motor Vehicle – Case Pled to a Misdemeanor Reduction

This client was a critical employee for an organization that trains elite fighting forces for the U.S. military. Prior to our involvement, the client pled guilty to the felony offense of unlawful use of a motor vehicle. A felony conviction would not allow the client to continue to train military personnel because of the firearms used. We worked directly with the district attorney and district judge in that county to overturn the conviction with a motion for new trial. We eventually pled the case to a misdemeanor reduction, so the client could continue to do his critical training work.

Burglary of a Habitation – Case Reduced to Lesser Charge

While on probation for Burglary of a Habitation, this client was charged with another offense with a punishment range of 15 years-to-life. Pled the case to a lesser-included charge for seven years.

Burglary of a Habitation (Mental Health) – Relationship Reconciled, Case Dismissed

This client was a professional until she had a severe mental health breakdown, resulting in this case. We were able to have her sent to a facility to balance her medication and then placed her on a conditional dismissal program with the mental health division in the DA’s office. We worked closely with family members to coordinate mental health treatment and court visits. All cases were dismissed.


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