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Sexual Assault – Case Not Filed by Police Department

A young professional, our client was accused of sexually assaulting a girlfriend. We were able to use video evidence as well as inconsistencies in the accuser’s claims to give context to the investigating officer and prevent the case from being filed with the DA’s office.

Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child – Case Reduced and Client Received Deferred Probation

Our client was accused of sexually assaulting a young cousin over the course of more than a year. That charge carries a 25 years-to-life sentence upon conviction. This client was a young man at the time of the offense and had been charged with a similar offense when he was a juvenile but never treated for his issues. We were able to establish that our client was a former victim himself and still a teenager when the most recent offense occurred. The case turned on our ability to document that the accused was a victim himself and demonstrate through expert reports that he could be safely counseled rather than being incarcerated more years than he had lived up to that point. The client received deferred probation with intensive treatment and supervision.


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